Workshop: “Engaging minds, Empowering Success”

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CzechCham recently hosted an interactive workshop “Engaging Minds, Empowering Success” with Iva Buschmann, Performance and Executive Coach. The end of the year and the start of the new one is always a good time to review our own performance in the past year and set up new objectives for the upcoming year.

The workshop focused on the performance of each of us. We learnt how to reach our objectives and how the process to reach our working or personal objectives should look like, so we can accomplish it in time. We learnt the importance of baby steps during the process and what questions should we ask ourselves to set up the objective and its process correctly.

Iva Buschmann is an executive coach from the Czech Republic. She spent the last 23 years working and living in the USA, Nigeria, Germany, Japan, Australia, Malaysia and China. Iva supports C-level executives and business owners to reach their maximum potential because once you become more effective as a leader, so does your team engagement and business performance. Recently Iva joined D3A, a global investment start-up in London as a performance coach and board facilitator and volunteers as a coach at Femme Palette, a mentoring and coaching platform in the Czech Republic supporting women in their mid-career. You can find more about Iva at or

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