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CzechCham is the official partner through which Czech companies can access the program in China.

PROPEA (Projects to Support Economic Activities Abroad), piloting in 2019, is a new tool to support economic activities of Czech firms active in markets abroad.

The PROPEA program is financed from the Czech inter-ministerial joint funds for economic diplomacy. PROPEA is available in other countries too, such as Morocco, Japan, Mongolia, India, Vietnam, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Peru, China, the UK and Mexico.

CzechCham and Consulate General of the Czech Republic in Shanghai have signed a contract with PROPEA for two consecutive years now with 4 successfully completed projects in 2020.

The aim of the PROPEA program includes:

  • Providing quality services to Czech companies in foreign markets
  • Reducing Czech companies’ risks associated with entering demanding foreign markets
  • Future supporting of Czech companies, whose activities abroad are not limited to exports, but have rather an investment character

The services provided within the PROPEA projects are cost-effective and supplementary to the individual services provided to Czech companies by the embassies and agencies of CzechTrade and CzechInvest abroad. 70% of the total price of the service is subsidized from the PROPEA budget, while the remaining 30% is co-financed by the company. The maximum possible subsidy per company in 2021 is 100,000 CZK.

With current restrictions of movement of people, CzechCham, as the official partner of PROPEA, can help Czech firms to ensure personal contact and supervision of their activities on site. Moreover, Czech companies can use, for example, PROPEA’s assistance in the registration and certification of their products, or in establishing a branch abroad.

The scope of PROPEA services:

  • Business plan for market entry or for an investment
  • Launching products on the market (assistance in negotiations with financial institutions, support in setting up an account and securing financing, establishing a company, etc.)
  • Licenses, certifications, product registrations and trademarks
  • Provision and verification of documentation for import/export and logistics
  • Creation and coordination of supplier and partner networks
  • Promotional, marketing and PR services
  • Support service when starting of business activities
  • Representation of the company on the spot (*without financial support from the PROPEA budget, on a commercial contractual basis between a Czech company and a foreign representative)

Who can apply?

Any private company registered in the Czech Republic can apply:

  • A) company based in the Czech Republic can submit an application: Direct payment by a Czech company by cross-border transfer to CzechCham Shanghai
  • B) through its Chinese branch: for easier payment arrangements, settlement of payments in China

CzechCham’s key services within PROPEA

For companies interested in our digital marketing services, that can also be financed from Propea project, CzechCham can help you with:

  • Support for companies entering or expanding into the Chinese market: Preparation of website in China, Chinese Domain registration (.cn), server settings for a website, ICP license application, design of marketing materials for the website, SEO optimization
  • Online marketing and account management on social networks (WeChat, Weibo, Red): Account creation, account management, daily content management, conferences with the client, data reports etc.
  • Set-up and management of an online store in China: E-shops (WeChat, Tmall, Taobao, JD), with the possibility of Chinese customer service

We also provide verification of suppliers (for South China, mostly Guangdong province)
* for export products aimed at the Chinese market, or other territories as well. PROPEA funding cannot be used for products that are to be sold primarily in the Czech Republic.

Steps for receiving PROPEA financial support:

The maximum possible subsidy per company in 2021 is 100,000 CZK, projects for 2021 must be completed by October 2021 at the latest. The time from the first contact to the approval of the project and the start of execution is approximately 4-6 weeks.

  • Sending a brief proposal of the project to CzechCham Shanghai
  • Preliminary verification of PROPEA qualification criteria (1 week)
  • Sending the quotation by CzechCham to the client, including the method of financing (1 week)
  • Preparation of the application for the Propea project (2-3 weeks)
  • After approval of the project, payment for the services is arranged
  • Project execution
  • Final Report

Successful PROPEA projects in 2020:

  • Ensuring CCC certification for electrical appliances, between June and October 2020, certification assistance was an important step for the client in launching these luminaires in the Chinese market
  • Financing: 70% of the total project cost paid by PROPEA
  • Total project duration: 4 months
  • Preparation of a marketing plan for a new product line – outdoor jackets. The campaign was aimed at increasing the sales of jackets in the flagship store on TMall (Chinese e-commerce platform)
  • Financing: 70% of the total project cost paid by PROPEA
  • Total project duration: 2 months
  • Websites localization in China, including domain registration (.cn), website setup, SEO optimization, as well as the design of marketing materials and related translations
  • Financing: 70% of the total project cost paid by PROPEA
  • Total project duration: 2 months

Contact person:

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information! We offer a 30-minute FREE online consultation for Czech companies, where we can answer your questions regarding the program.

Mr. Lukas Hlavac