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SKODA – The 125-year-old Car Manufacturer From the Czech Republic

maintains a strong position in the markets in Western Europe, as well as in
rapidly developing regions, such as Central Europe and China. In 2019, SKODA’s
car sales reached nearly 300 thousand in China, its biggest market.

SKODA is celebrating its 125th anniversary. To date, only five other car brands have reached this milestone. SKODA’s mission is driven by inventiveness, dedicating their entrepreneurial spirit and passion to individual mobility. 2019 was an important milestone in the company’s history with the arrival of the ŠKODA CITIGOe iV, marking the beginning of a new era for the car manufacturer. As a part of SKODA’s sustainable strategy, one of the most prominent goals in this area is to achieve reduction of vehicle fleet CO 2 emissions by 30% till 2025 and to transform the Czech production facilities to achieve CO 2 neutral balance of consumed energies by 2030.

Website: https://www.skoda-auto.com/


TESCAN China – Global Supplier of Scientific Instruments

The company is building its reputation and brand name in the field of designing and manufacturing scanning electron microscopes and system solutions for different applications. TESCAN is focused on research, development and manufacturing of scientific instruments and laboratory equipment such as scanning electron microscopes, Focus Ion Beam microscopes, supplementary accessories for SEMs, light optical microscopy accessories and image processing, special vacuum chambers and custom systems, detection systems, scientific hardware and software development.

By striving to continuously improving their products, it creates a
competitive advantage for their customers. TESCAN participates in top research
projects and cooperates with leading companies in the field of electron
microscopy and microanalysis. As a result, TESCAN’s instrumentation and innovative
solutions have won a leading position in the world of nano and microtechnology.

Website: http://tescan-china.com/

FERRIT– Global Mining Solutions

The company Ferrit is a private Czech company with a history dating back to 1993. Over time Ferrit has transformed from trading into a production company with an own R&D,  with a presence in 22 countries worldwide. Ferrit is a strong and confident brand that produces high-quality mining machinery and equipment, with the main goal of simplifying mining work and creating the safest possible environment. The manufacture of suspended monorail transport systems makes up the largest share of its production activities, which has positioned Ferrit as a worldwide market leader. In 2019 Ferrit won 2nd place in the Czech Republic’s Exporter of the Year award in the category “Exporter with export growth over CZK 500 million in 2018”.

Website: www.ferrit.cz | www.en.ferrit.cc


LASVIT – Inspiring the World With The Beauty of Glass and Light

With its headquarters in the Czech Republic and
offices all around the world, including China, Lasvit has established itself as
the authority delivering bespoke lighting sculptures and art installations made
from hand-blown glass. Founded in 2007, Lasvit combines the authenticity of
glass craft with innovative technologies and creative craftsmanship.
Collaborations with renowned designers and artists produce also unique glass
collections. Nendo, Ross Lovegrove, Daniel Libeskind, Maarten Baas, Czech
legends Rene Roubicek and Borek Sipek are among those who choose Lasvit in
order to embody their unconventional artistic vision. This is a manifesto of
Lasvit’s uncompromising mission: To transform glass into breathtaking light and
design experience.

Website: https://www.lasvit.com

ALPINE PROThe Leader on the Czech Outdoor Clothing, Footwear and Accessories Market

ALPINE PRO, the leader on the Czech outdoor clothing, footwear and accessories market, has launched its first own collection in 1996. Since then, it has introduced around 100 of its own collections, including several special ones designed for the Czech Olympic team. ALPINE PRO has repeatedly featured in the Top Rank of the Most Admired Companies of the Czech Republic and has received further awards in the field. It has also found its place in foreign markets, including China.


DESERTROSE – Experts on China

DesertRose s.r.o., founded in 2002 by two sinilogists from the Czech Republic, is a company that helps to navigate Czech subjects on the Chinese market with detailed information about China, Chinese business etiquette, as well as everything else there is to know about doing business in China. Their services include book publishinig, translation and interpretation services, and other services in the Chinese territory, including planning of your business trips, finding suitable Chinese partners and sub-contractors, QA, and assistance with setting up a company in China, among others.

Website: www.desertrose.cz

KINEX – European Leader in Cylindrical Roller Bearings for Railway Vehicles

KINEX, a company with a 100-year
history, is an important supplier of rolling bearings for different segments of
industries, such as car, railways, aviation, or textile industry. It is a part
of strong global conglomerate CK Birla Group, and it supplies its products to
over 80 countries around the world, with offices in 5 countries, including the
one in China. KINEX is the top supplier of special bearings for textile
industry, and at the same it is the European leader in production of
cylindrical roller bearings for railway vehicles.

Website: http://www.kinexbearings.com/

SOTIO – Developing New Medical Therapies, Focusing on the Treatment of Cancer

international biotechnology company leading the efforts of PPF Group to build a
diverse biotechnology portfolio through its own research & development,
collaborations, in-licensing, investments, mergers and acquisitions.

is developing new medical therapies, focusing on the treatment of cancer and
has significant manufacturing and regulatory expertise in autologous cellular
therapies. The most advanced project is the SOTIO proprietary platform of
active cellular immunotherapy based on dendritic cells. SOTIO is conducting
multiple Phase I to Phase III clinical trials verifying the safety and efficacy
of its DCVAC products.

team of SOTIO includes more than 300 employees of 18 nationalities, facilities
in Europe, the United States, China and Russia and in-house capabilities needed
for research, clinical development and marketing of novel therapeutics.

Website: http://www.sotio.cn/

JIAN – Bringing Artwork and Design From Other Countries to China by Telling the Story Behind the Brand

Established in 2018, JIAN has been working with Czech brand TON ever
since to promote the brand and products which has gained significant growth in
China. We have also been cooperating with TON in a strategical way to
build a stronger market position. Our office and showroom are based in
Shanghai. With the founders’ more than 15 years’ experience in commercial
interior and furniture industry, JIAN’s mission is to build the bridge to bring
nice artwork and design from other countries, like Czech Republic, to China by
telling the story behind the brand and introduce the design to the people who
love to combine art and design in their daily life. 

Website: www.jian716.com  

STARTUPR – Trusted Partner to Start Your New Hong Kong Company Online

With 17 years in business, Startupr is a reliable, fast and cost-effective partner for setting up and registering your company in Hong Kong. The company offers incorporation services with a strong belief in low prices and efficient service. Their main focus are start-ups with global ambitions. Startupr lets you focus on building your business with the assurance that someone is taking care of all the administrative tasks. Startupr is always looking for partners who share the same vision.

Website: www.startupr.hk | www.startupregistry.hk


HAWKSFORD – Established Provider of Company Incorporation and Outsourced Corporate Services in China

With clients from 115
countries and 5 offices in China, Hawksford is a leading provider of a company
formation, providing administration services and business support from small to
medium-sized to large companies in Asia and Europe. Hawksford has more than 200
multilingual professionals in Asia and 450 globally.

With 100 multilingual
professionals based in Shanghai, Beijing, Suzhou, Guangzhou and Shenzhen they
are able to offer the very best local knowledge to our international clients.
We are experienced in meeting the regulatory compliance, tax, HR services and
other outsourced needs of global clients who are seeking to invest in Asia.

Website: www.hawksford.com

PRECIOSA – Leading International Glass Manufacturer

We are a leading international glass manufacturer. For decades we have brought, and continue to bring, new blood to the art of glassmaking through creative ideas, colour and our brilliant glass and crystal components. We design one-of-a-kind, awe-inspiring chandeliers and elegant jewellery. People in over 140 countries worldwide admire our craft.

Website: www.preciosa.com

CZEVITRUM – Innovative Czech design company

CZEVITRUM is an innovative Czech design company offering lifestyle handblown glass accessories and lighting in unique design. Czevitrum was originally founded as a trading company in 2013. Vlastimil Janecký is one of the original founders of the company Czevitrum and designer of the Czevitrum products.The Janecký family has a long history of glass making in the Czech Republic. Many of Vlastimil’s relatives are into the glass making art and business. This is in Vlastimil’s gene for sure, he’s definitely meant to be doing what he does for Czevitrum. Within its range the company offers design glass table lighting and interior home accessories, it is therefore a decorative glass but with a practical use. The traditional Bohemian crystal is used to make all our products, and Czevitrum follows the multi-layered and multi colored glass technique, which is becoming a typical feature for our designs. An important process that Czevitrum proudly follows is the hand blown glass, manual shaping, cutting and grinding of every piece made.

Website: czevitrum.com