UnEast/ An Eastern Unconference #1

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After joining forces with like-minded Eastern people in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore, we decided to organize a small scale, exclusive, but cool and free-style online event to exchange ideas, drive inspiration and build friendships. 

We managed to put together amazing group of inspiring people from CEE region active in leadership positions across Asia. The guests included top executives from Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs and other creative thinkers. 

Due to great success, we do a repeat in March. If you want to join, register here: https://www.eventbrite.hk/e/uneast-ii-an-eastern-unconference-tickets-131035461593

Have you never heard about unconference concept? An unconference is a loosely organized event framework where building relationships and creating sparks of magic is the only goal. You may read more about the format here:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unconference

Every single person that is invited to participate is also invited to speak and share, anchored by a theme which on this occasion is: Eastern Edge. You are welcome to interpret it in your own way and present your passion, vision, profession or your grandfather’s stamp collection! Anything is interesting, everything is relevant that you deem relevant! 

You will have a virtual room for 30 minutes either for yourself as a stage or for 90 minutes to enjoy other people sharing. You can find some of the confirmed speakers on the link above and you may also sign up anytime before the event here: https://luhichi.typeform.com/to/LAvhj7f7

A couple of other notes:
1) the event is free of charge and 100% driven by volunteers

2) do not prepare for 2 hours of simply listening: interactivity is what this format is about

3) we aim for diversity: across genders, topics, industries, nationalities, nothing is too odd 

4) we are inclusive: despite being driven by Eastern Europeans, we welcome anyone with an idea, interest, relevance or commitment to the East. Whatever it means for them and wherever they are from. Positivity and tolerance are key values for the event accordingly.

After this lengthy introduction, you are cordially invited to this very special event from the East to the East.