Digital Tourist Guides Coming to Switzerland

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As vaccination rates increase and travel restrictions lessen, tourists from all around the world venture forth to seek new experiences. For the first time in more than a year and a half, some of the most popular tourist destinations like Paris, France and Venice, Italy welcome mask-free visitors eager to explore historical sites, cultural icons, popular restaurants, and more. The opportunity to share smiles with the international community heralds in a new feeling of normalcy and excitement, but some travel truths remain fundamentally different than in the days before the Covid-19 pandemic began.

A shift from larger tour groups with strangers to smaller family or friend groups has taken hold of the global tourism industry in a big way. Individual tourism with walking tour software allows for greater freedom and enjoyment. While this provides many benefits, it means visitors will not have the benefit of an experienced and informed local guide. Tourism organizations in many countries and regions seek out new ways to empower individuals and small groups so they can enjoy unique locations on their own.

One excellent solution is the use of digital smart audio guides that lead travellers on walking tours through the area the same intriguing information and assistance that a live tour guide gives. This type of audio guide technology allows you to create your own walking tour and experience top destinations from a whole new perspective.

SmartGuide provides exactly this type of service with its digitized tourist guides. These well-organized and produced audio guide systems is specifically made the four individual travellers and small groups who wish to explore new locations on their own. The Czech government played a role in the initial introduction of SmartGuide for 100 global destinations. It has also been adopted by the Singaporean National Heritage Board and the Kyrgyz Ministry of Tourism so English-speaking tourists can appreciate the heritage and glorious landscapes in these two nations. Now, SmartGuide proudly enters the Switzerland Tourism industry with twenty-four different self-guided walking tours.

Why SmartGuide Is the Fastest Growing Digital Tour Program

  • Discover local gems and destinations rarely frequented by larger tourist groups
  • Helps spread tourists out for health and safety during the pandemic
  • Encourages walking tours as a way to explore in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle
  • The proprietary audio guide technology saves tourism bureaus and tourist destinations money and resources when making their own content
  • Unique opportunities for destinations to connect with visitors in a whole new way
  • Facilitates the collection of traveller data to improve offers and opportunities in the future

Learn more about how SmartGuide tourist audio guides can help international travel groups and individual visitors alike discover new ways to come together, explore, and learn about the wide world at


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