Webinar #7: Saving your business from economic depression thanks to LinkedIn

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On September 17th, CzechCham and Linkedin Local Shanghai hosted its 7th webinar “Saving Your Business from Economic Depression Thanks to Linkedin”. We talked about Linkedin and how to use this platform effectively.

Our speakers Tamar Hela, founder of LLS, and Julien Sicard have created a network of communities made up from Linkedin lovers, embracing the original idea of Linkedin Local: getting to know “the person behind the profile”. They both, as co-presidents of LLS, help Fortune 500 companies in Asia generate leads through Linkedin. The LLS community has more than 3000 members, which makes it one of the most professional and active networks in China. They shared with us tips how to update your Linkedin profile and how to grow your Linkedin network.

This year was a big boom for Linkedin and it became to be more important because of the Covid-19 epidemy. Many people are working from home and they are joining Linkeding to keep in touch with their stakeholders. The main topics we discussed were how to optimize your profile to catch the attention and how to build trust with your leads. We talked about the importance of using scripts during the communication with your new stakeholders and how important is to be consistent and organized when building your profile and publishing posts.

Julien Sicard
CEO of Genius Encel

Tamar Hela
COO of Genius Encel